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Welcome to Radiology Courses

Welcome to, the website for the distinctive radiology teaching courses that are provided in London by Drs Simon Morley, Lol Berman and Gerald de Lacey. 

Our teaching approach is based on an interactive format with each registrant analysing sets of images at a workstation. Powerpoint lectures are kept short and brief. Rather, the priority is placed on the tutorial sessions which reinforce the learning acquired during workstation interpretation and diagnosis.

Upcoming Courses

Next Dates

A&E Survival Course
  - for Doctors & ENPs

8th December 2018
10th December 2018
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The Chest X-ray Survival Course
  - for Doctors and other healthcare professionals

9th December 2018
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The FRCR 2b Rapid Reporting Courses

23rd February 2019
24th February 2019
2nd March 2019 (Sold Out)
3rd March 2019
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The Advanced Chest X-ray Study Day

25th February 2019
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The Red Dot Trauma Course
  - for Radiographers

10th November 2018 (Sold Out)
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The Red Dot Chest X-ray Course
  - for Radiographers

11th November 2018 (Sold Out)
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